Study of Indian Blue peafowls.

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    Hi members,
    Over few past weeks I had been studying the moult duration of adult male peafowls, and found the adult male peafowls took 340 days to renew all flight feathers, start on late October and finish on August.

    Adult male peafowl's longest primary feathers are 4th primary feathers and take about 100 days to regrow.
    Primary feathers grow at 5mm for next 30-40 days before slow down to 3mm for 10-20 days, then decrease to 2mm when feathers are 2/3 grown and then 1mm when finishing growing feathers.

    Train feathers are shed at same time as primaries 6th being shed and tail feathers 1st and primaries 9th are shed within 2-3 days of other each, on February (New Zealand).

    Peafowls start to moult juvenile primaries at age of 37 days old, and renew the juvenile primaries, with new immature primaries, took 225 days and then the immature peafowls start to moult at 6 month old while still have old juvenile primaries 10th and growing immature primaries 9th. New immature primaries 10th are fully grown at 8 month old.
    Renewment of immature primaries, with 1st adult primaries, took 325 days.

    After 1st adult primaries 10th are fully grown at 16 2/2 months old, on late June, there is 70 days of no primary moult.

    At 19 month old, wing moult start with secondaries 3rd, then few weeks primaries 1st (innermost) and renewing these 1st adult primaries, with new 2nd adult primaries, take about 330 days, August of 1st year to July of 2nd year.
    Wing & tail moults complete at 30 months old, at same time the train feathers are new 2nd adult, with few colourful eyes.

    Wing size: wing size of 1-year old male peafowls are slightly smaller than wings of adult male peafowls, but some biggest 1-year-old male peafowls can have wing size nearly same as wing size of adult male peafowls.
    Wing size of 2-year old male peafowls, are same as wing size of adult male peafowls.

    Testies of 32-month old male peafowls, may enlarge for first time and only domestic 32-month-old male peafowls may be used for breeding as soon as they start to display, with new plain green train feathers, plus few colourful eyes.

    Displaying & lekking season for male peafowls in New Zealand, last for 100 days, from October to January.


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