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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Mikey2, Mar 22, 2016.

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    Alrighty so I'm new to this but my duck is broody well she is sitting in eggs and I put a light on the egg and I see the baby ducking then i go back to Check to see if there still in there and the egg is gone now this happen to a few eggs also.

    Another problem with the same duck is that her eye has this white stuff around its like a white yelllowish I researched and the said buy vetericyn and apply like 2 times a day which I did so now I relized is that she now gets these white bubbles or like foam on here eye and is constantly shaking her head I feel so bad for her I tried to get a pic but it's really bad I'll get a closer one for ya please
    its yellow and it almost cover 1 of her eyes and just alittle in theother eye. is it like a cold where its like mucus.

    respond with any tips or knowledge about it thanks [​IMG]
    Please respond if you have any tips thankyou!!

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    Ducks can get foamy eye - it is an early eye infection.

    She needs to be able to dunk her head in fresh water several times a day. Does she have a swim pan or a deep bowl to do that?

    The Vetericyn may be good - but sounds like something's not quite right. If the infection has gone deeper than the surface, it would be best for her to see a good duck vet.

    You can try making a simple mild saline solution and drop that in her eyes a few times a day. There are instructions for making such an eye solution - or you might be able to find something at a drugstore. Just saline, I wouldn't use anything with lots of fancy ingredients.

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