Stuffing chickens into da coop

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by gmendoza, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Well its been below the 30's here in SC now and I have had to round up chickens,guinea hens and a big turkey hen into the coop at night.Some of these screwballs want to hang out in the run all stinking night.Some on the ground,some high in the rafters.Well its a chore but I got em all in the coop for the second night.especially BOBO the turkey hen. *whew. when I open the door to the run in the moring I dont see em run out,so I opened the coop and there they are roosting and its very cosy in the coop. I might want to jump up on the roost and snuggle next to BOBO.

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    I have night lights in my coops. At first I put the lights in for me so I could go out once in awhile and check on the birds throughout the night. I have found the birds on the floor of their coop when a light has burnt out and as soon as I replace the light they are up on their roosts. I also gave them some treats in their coop in the evenings. I started the treats when I had shut them in for at first few days and when I finally let them out they would go in for their treats in the evenings. Slowly I slowed down on the treats until I stopped giving the treats and they were going in without treats. It worked for me.
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    Be sure to dust with a miticide before snuggling up to Bobo. Just sayin'. [​IMG]
  4. gmendoza

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    Talcum powder incase I get too close to Bobo and get chaffed...check

    Umbrella to protect from "bombadeers" above in the rafters......check

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