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    Along the same lines of the Thanksgiving traditions, I am wondering if any of y'all have homemade stuffing recipes. After several years of battling breast cancer and thyroid cancer and a divorce, I am finallly ready to make a really nice Thanksgiving dinner this year. I have been perusing the magazines at the grocery store for new and enticing recipes. Honestly, the kids were extremely patient with Stove top, but this year I want it to be very special. Thanks, Suz
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    I get the cheapie bread about a week in advace and put it in the fridge. This way it gets good and stale without going moldy.

    The day before you stuff your bird, saute a couple cups of chopped celery and about a cup of chopped onion along with a few spoons of poultry spice. Saute til the onion is transparent.While it is sauteing, cube the bread about a loaf or loaf and a half. If you cooked the neck and giblets, save the broth. Chop up whatever giblets you want in your stuffing and add it to your bread cubes. Add whatever else you want. Walnuts, apples, sausage, oysters. Water chestnuts are good, but they turn purple, FYI.

    Add the sauteed stuff and mix. Use the giblet broth or chicken broth to moisten lightly. Refrigerate and stuff the bird right before putting it int he oven.

    Can you tell I don't use a recipe? LOL. You can add more or less seasoning, veggies and stuff to taste.

    No matter what, it will be great! [​IMG]

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