Stumbling chicken can't walk; stopped eating

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    Three days ago my chicken started stumbling. She is a 9 month old leghorn. Perhaps 8 months. Her sister died randomly overnight a few months ago, but she's been happy and healthy, though has never laid an egg. (I recently got rid of my roosters). Anyway, I found her under the coop three days ago and it was if only her left leg wouldn't work and she'd start stumbling forward, looking like she was drunk. Eventually she'd summersault or ram into something and sit again. I was really bummed since I've lost two other hens earlier this summer to unknown causes. However, unlike my other two hens, this one did not die and so the next day I gave it a concoction i found on the internet. It had egg yolk, yogurt, cat food, apple peels in it. She loved it. I held her up and she ate. However I couldn't get her to drink. Now we've been doing this for two days and she won't eat, but will drink. I don't see any improvement. I've been keeping her alone in the warmed coop half the day and out among the other hens the other half of the day. One hen is mean to her =( Ironically, she and this hen used to be best pals, so I cant tell if she pecks her out of meanness or encouragement?? Might just be wishful thinking. Any other suggestions on how to save my hen?
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    Marek's disease often affects birds at around 6-9 months of age. If the disease strikes the sciatic nerve, they will go lame in one or both legs. Have the birds been vaccinated for Marek's?

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