Stumbling silkie


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9 Years
Feb 6, 2010
I have a 2 to 3 yr old silkie roo that is stumbling but acts normal eats normal, it seems if he gets startled he starts stumbling around, I also lost 2 silkie hens a week ago, one was just standing in one place not moving around, the other just found her dead the next day no indication she was ill, the roo has been acting weird for about a month, I've wormed them, cleaned the coop and changed the bedding, also gave them sulmet , he is still stumbling everyone else ok, also all of my eggs r sterile have been for some time, he has been a great roo have gotten many fertile eggs from him any advice would be helpful thanks
Mareks disease also can strike at any time if they aren't immunized against it. They also could be weak from the sulmet. Give vitamins and probiotics for a week or two.
Well just an up date on my stumbling silkie, he has been wormed, given sulmet, garlic DE in food and fed yogurt and has been getting better everyday haven't seen him stumble in about a week that makes me :))

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