Stumped - overheated or injury?


May 21, 2020
This is my 14 week old pullet who presented with some lethargy and slight limp last night. She’s fairly alert, but weaker than usual. Eating and drinking without problem. I purchased nine of these pullets from TSC in a bargain bin. All are well except her.

I do have her separated in a crate indoors, but not in a super cool room. It’s about 80-82 in her room. Outside it’s extremely hot. Texas heat! I’ve given her nutri-drench and electrolytes. She does seem *slightly* better than this morning, but still lethargic. She already has a pretty reserved temperament, so zoomies aren’t her thing. Crop seems pretty empty, belly feels normal, no visible injuries, eyes and color normal, breathing normal, poop is actually slightly greenish, reflexes in her feet and legs seem normal.

I can only think to try Corid, but I have a decent stock of meds on hand. I really don’t feel that it’s Mareks, but maybe just wishful thinking. She does seem to be messing with one foot. Maybe injured? Would it hurt to try Corid or is that just a shot in the dark?

Her friends are on the other side of the fence.

She was a little wobbly after being in the crate laying down for several hours.


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I think that is overheating, last week I had a hen with the same symptoms, except for she passed a soft shelled egg... 🤨 We kept giving her water and put a wet towel on her, also gave her some Rooster Booster. Hoping your hen gets better!! 😓❤️

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