Stunning bantam rooster needs good home ASAP


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Nov 18, 2016
This little guy was born April of this year. I have a small flock of silkies and a polish frizzle, all of whom are very docile, so when I heard of a neighbor who had to give him up, I said I would try to integrate with my flock. Integration was fast and painless, including with my existing roo. Unfortunately--unlike my existing roo--this guy crows A LOT. As in, from 5-9 AM, for no discernible reasons periodically throughout the day, at dusk, and when he wants attention. He is a good flock protector and always watching the skies, is easy to handle, etc. As I live on a lake, with very small lots and excellent sound amplification and conduction, my neighbors want to murder me. For the sake of everyone he needs a place where sound will be less of an issue. I do not want him in a pot. Any help would be appreciated. Located in Stow, MA


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