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    Sep 17, 2010
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    I am thinning out my garden beds and I thought I'd offer to share some of my beautiful Iris rhizomes
    with BYC'ers!
    3 rhizomes are 15.00 which includes shipping.
    6 rhizomes are 25.00 ~shipping included.
    20 rhizomes are 35.00 with shipping included.

    I will only have a few of these to offer this year. A friend of mine gave me a rhizome 15 years ago and I have never seen such a beautiful blue iris as this.

    I will ship them on the same day that they are dug up so that you will receive the freshest bulbs. Please plant them ASAP in a sunny area in a well cultivated and mulched garden site. You will love the color on these Irises. Irises of this quality sell for 15.00 to 18.00 for each rhizome.

    The iris will be packaged in a white plastic bag with fresh kiln dried shavings, and the top of the bag will be left open for air circulation. I will leave some of the younger rhizomes attached to the parent rhizome for extras. The second photo shows an order of 6 rhizomes.
    PM me to purchase some of these and I will send you an invoice with my PayPal information.
    Thanks! BunnyMomma
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