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    Re is our senoir flock rooster, and is now for sale. He is a year old now. He is absolutely beautiful, but I have decided to backcross my Paint Showgirls to a nice Black Silkie Cockerel for a while, and simply don't have the facilities to house more than a couple roosters and their flocks at a time.

    Re has sired many beautiful Showgirl and Silkie chicks with various mates. He is a good flock protector and is not aggressive with people.

    Re has excellent Silkie conformation: good dark skin, 5 evenly spaced toes on each foot, good middle toe feathering, a full crest, dark eyes and beak, and has NEVER, even as a day-old chick, displayed ANY pigment holes in his skin or eyes, despite good feather spotting.

    Visit to see more about Re and his mates, and to learn about Showgirls.

    This is a very rare and valuable bird who will help create gorgeous babies for you for many years. He has just now entered his prime.

    $40 firm. This is a very nice, proven breeder who has produced 100% hatch rates with various mates, repeatedly. His temperament is just great, and I've never seen consistently better purple skin on a Paint bird.

    Shipping will be $60 (6 lbs is a lot according to the PO), and his box will be $20. I can ship him anywhere in the lower 48 states safely, as long as temperatures stay between 30'-70'.

    PM for PayPal address. He will go to the first person to make full payment.
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