Stunted Chick


Jun 7, 2021
Hi guys. I hatched some baby chicks from the same parents as a project this time. I got 6+4 chicks out of that. The 6 are with me after their mum started killing them (they were originally 7) So one of the 6 babies, a white one, caught a cold amidst all this. I had another thread about this and we worked it out. He is doing a lot better now. He isnt acting lethargic or sneezing anymore. But I think he is stunted. For reference -

They hatched on the same day, lived in the same place, ate the same food and still the white one isnt growing. He eats well and no one picks on him but he still isnt growing. Has it to do something with the cold? So any opinions on what I can do to help him would be really appreciated.

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