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    My egg that hatched double yolk RIR twins Fiddle/Faddle. I'm noticing that although healthy fiddle hasn't grown much at all. While the siblings and the other one from the double yolk are growing feathers/size very fast fiddle is still slow like a new hatching, hardly any feathering out, and doesn't appear to have increased much in size since hatch. The hatch date was the 22nd with some a little before and after. These double yolks hatched on the 20th. Should this be a major concern that he is growing so slow? I'm thinking that I should remove this chick because the larger/faster chicks not so much pick at it, rather they step on it running back and forth.
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    If it is not keeping up, I'd give it it's own home. Since they hatched together, the healthier one probably "won" all the nutrients. Like how panda cubs can never be raised naturally as twins in the wild and one usually dies.
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    I have tiny dum-dum chick who is half the size as the next smller chicken and a 1/4 of the standard polish in wi the rest. Sure he gets stepped on but he holds his ground. This chick was 23gram at birth 24gram a week ago and is of yesterday 40gram. As long as they dont peck your chick leave it in. It needs buddies and warmth

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