Stupid dog jostled the bator.


9 Years
Jul 29, 2010
Aledo, TX
All the eggs got rolled around. Not really badly but enough that the markings I put on the eggs are all over the place, top, bottom sideways.

6pm today is the end of Day 1 and I had planned the first turning. Since the stupid dog has effectively turned them for me, do I wait till tomorrow or turn tonight?
Yep, I agree. Turn at least three times a day, or every 6 hours round the clock. The best bet is an auto turner, it will increase your hatch rate if you have to be away from home often in the next three weeks. It is so worth it, the peace of mind, but folks have great hatches with hand turning too. Take a few minutes and line your little pluses all back up, just so you can keep up with them. Good luck with your hatch.

ETA: I just thought, maybe you only turn once a day for the first days as some folks don't turn at all those days, then start with the regular turning method. sorry to assume!!!
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Thank you for the responses. I am planning 3 turns a day 6am, 3:30pm and 10pm.

It's the best we can do with our schedule and without a $40 turner. I do plan to get one later if we stay with the hatching thing. :)

The directions said not to turn them at all on day 1 so I was going to do the first turn late this evening and then get into the 3x swing starting tomorrow.
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honestly I only turn mine twice a day and have not had any issues thus far...different things work for different folks...just told you that so you won't panic later if you forget a turning...good luck and happy hatching!
Please realize I say "stupid dog" with nuttin but love in my heart for the rascal. He was just trying to get to the cat's food. My bad. It's been fixed.
I hear you..."stupid dog" isn't necessarily disparaging towards the dog...kind of a term of endearment. Anyhow, even though he might be trained to turn the eggs for you, you proabably will want to make sure that the incubator is a bit more secured from your canine friend. Watch the electric cord...duct-tape it to the the table leg/side of cabinet/floor to keep it from being a trip-wire.

Best wishes!
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