Stupid Earlier Response From "Chicken Laws"


11 Years
Sep 17, 2008
SF Bay Area
A little while ago i wrote a letter to someone in my district to change the chicken law (I'm writing to someone else now who seems more dignified and respectful) the lady who responded compared chickens to HORSES. As if someone would keep a HORSE in their own backyard!!!!!
She practicly said horses were just as bad to keep in backyards as chickens. *Keep in mind that EVERY SINGLE city surrounding my unicorporated city i live in allows chickens. If I was corporate I could have chickens* just thought you would like to know how people are about chickens in many places.
I know lots of people with horses in their back yard, er, pasture behind the house, but comparing keeping a horses vs a few chickens is ridiculous.
Many times it seems that people can't separate chickens from other barnyard animals in their mind! They'll say, oh, we don't want people keeping goats in their backyard, either. Not goats, chickens!! Sigh.

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