Stupid loose dogs...didn't get my chickens, but they did get my goats!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by parkersmom120106, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    This isn't about a predator getting my chickens, though I fear they're next (the coop is pretty secure though, so hopefully not).

    I work late and got home last night at about 2:30ish am. Not long after that the outside dogs started barking loudly. At first I just opened the door, checked the coop with a flashlight to see if there was a coon trying to get in, and told them to hush. I went back inside and they almost immediately started barking again, so I went back out and noticed the calf running in the buck pen. My 3 boy goats were right behind him, so I got the flashlight again and freaked when I saw eyes at the back of the pen. It turned out to be 2 large dogs running back and forth by the fence. At first I thought they were on the outside, but freaked when I realized they were IN the pen. So I ran inside to wake up my brother to help me. By the time we got back out they were gone. So we walked out to make sure they were really gone and I noticed my does weren't moving around in their pen. That seemed odd since I figured all the commotion would have woken them. To my horror when I checked their pen I discovered all 7 of my does laying dead all over the pen. I LOST it. It was about 3:30 at this point. I called the police and was told that it was an animal control issue not a law enforcement issue. I decided to call animal control in the morning.

    I went inside but couldn't sleep for fear that they would come back. Turns out I was right. I finally went to sleep at 6am, thinking that the danger had passed. I was awaken at about 8am by my Mom and brother telling me that the dogs had come back and attacked my male goats, the calf and the pig. To make matters worse 2 of the boys were still alive, but badly injured and the calf was injured and appeared to be dying. One of the injured boys died on his own and we had to euthanize the other. The calf turned out to not be as bad as we thought when we found him holding his head up. He still hasn't stood, but he's tried a few times. My friend looked him over and couldn't find anything more than some cuts. We're treating his wounds and observing him. Hopefully he'll get up soon because we need to get him out of there in case they come back tonight. We're moving the pig out front (she's just a little potbelly) and we'll probably move the calf there too if we can get him to get up and walk.

    I guess I'm posting this partly to vent. I am SO angry and heartbroken. These stupid dogs killed my 10 goats and injured my calf. Not to mention all the babies that the does were more than likely pregnant with as I had pasture bred them for February babies. The pig escaped with minimal injury..just a little cut on her back leg. She must have run and hid someplace. Some jerk thought it would be OK to let his/her dogs run loose and this is what happened. Animal Control came out and took a report, but he said that it wouldn't be admissable in court if I find the owners and sue them. We have NO clue who owns the dogs. I didn't recognize them although I couldn't get a very give a very good description because it was dark and they were at the back of the yard.

    My other reason for posting this is to find out what I should do. I don't think animal control will do anything to try and find the dogs or their owners. After my house they went to another house that was only a few streets away on another goat killed by dog call. I am so mad that the people who own these dogs aren't going to be held responsible for the damage they caused. I am out about $1500 in goats not included the potential sales of the babies they were pregnant with (probably another 1000 worth). I thought about putting up fliers with the description I know of the dogs and seeing if anyone responds and tells me that they know who the dogs belong to.
    I know that they were large dogs. One looked like a shepherd or shepherd mix and appeared to be white or light colored. The other appeared to be reddish tan and looked like a bulldog mix of some sort. It's coat was shorter than the other dogs.

    Is it useless to try and find out who these dogs belong to? I want to be reimbursed for my loss. I adore my goats and spent a ton of time, money and energy on them. Now they're gone. My friend is sending one of her friends over with a tractor to dig a hole to bury them since digging a hole by hand to bury 10 goats will be near impossible. I hope he gets here soon. I really want to get them buried already.

    Thanks for listening. Sorry this was long. I do worry that my chickens will be next if they can get into the coop. I'm afraid they will come back to an empty pen and move on to the chickens. The coop is pretty secure with heavy wire on the front and side, and solid wood on the back and other side. Their roost is situated where nothing can reach them from the wire. There are concrete blocks around the base to help stop things from digging. I'm still nervous. I hate this.
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    My other reason for posting this is to find out what I should do.

    You should keep a loaded gun ready all the time, and always take it with you in that situation.

    Taking a flashlight only serves no purpose, and neither does "going to get help" when an attack is in progress.

    Ultimately, you have to be the one to take action if you want to save your animals, since, as you've found out, "animal control" only gets involved afterwards.

    If you had been prepared, most likely you could have killed the dogs while they were in the pen the first time.
    Odds are good the dogs will be back soon, and only one thing is going to stop them​
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    Jun 4, 2011

    animal control until they find the owner. In FL, attacks on livestock count as a "dangerous dog" some states only rule a dog is "dangerous" if it attacks people. The rules on containment of a dangerous dog are pretty strict, including a solid escape-proof fence.

    It is also legal to shoot the dogs. Tell the local police that you need a police report for property damage.
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    Police report right away first off.

    Make a copy of the police report so you know exactly what you saw, what time it happened, all the details etc.

    You can put up flyers and try craigslist. Ask neighbors etc. You really need to find out who owns them so you can get reimbursed or sue.

    Also you need a camera, I would get a game cam so if they come back and attack you have pictures to prove it was them.

    And as the above poster stated. YOU NEED TO HAVE A GUN. If you would have went out there the first time with a gun you could have shot them (which is legal if you are protecting your livestock) and possibly saved a lot of your animals.
  5. Imp

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    OMG, That's horrible. I'm so sorry.

  6. Imp

    Imp All things share the same breath- Chief Seattle

    omg, That's horrible. I'm so sorry.

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    First - I am so sorry for your loss. This is terrible- to lose good livestock to a couple dogs is a true tragedy.
    Bear Foot Farm is right. A loaded gun is a good thing to have when dogs are attacking livestock.
    I once lived on a farm where my landlady had an egg business. 200 white leghorns laying every day. Some dogs got into the coop and killed every single chicken. it was absolutely horrible to come home and see chicken carcasses everywhere. As far as I know she was never reimbursed for her loss. Someone left a note saying "Sorry about the chickens". That was all.
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    I totally agree....take a gun next time and shoot them. It is so disconcerning when other people don't take care of their pets/animals and let them run wild. Does your area not have a leash law? Maybe you live out of town and in that case you should definitely be ready to shot them next time. Whether it is dogs, coyotes, raccoons, and other wild animals you should kill them to protect your own.

    I am sooooooo sorry of your loss. It would be nice to find the people who own the dogs, but again there is no guarantee they will ever pay you, and it will be virtually impossible to prove they killed your animals to them.
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    I am very sorry this happened. The others are right.... get a GUN and use it. When dogs like that are in attack mode, they might have went for you as well. Put flyers up with descriptions. Somebody knows whose dogs these are.
    When you get the gun, can you bait them and get them inside that pen again so you have time to shoot them? This is the way to go in my opinion. They will be back again.

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