Stupid people with stupid dogs - no animals harmed or killed

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by horsejody, Aug 25, 2008.

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    Feb 11, 2008
    Waterloo, Nebraska
    The most annoying thing that a dog owner can say to me is, "Don't worry. He just wants to play. It's ok for him to be loose." Whenever I hear those words it is always followed by trouble.

    This doesn't involve poultry but it is a predator/pest problem. We live near a state park that we visit often. We were there this weekend. My dog (small one) was on a leash. Some idiot had their unneutered german shorthair running loose through the campgrounds. They were a couple of smiling idiots with their idiot dog. The dog kept running up to Leo and doing that dominant stance over him. Poor Leo was on a leash and couldn't go anywhere. I asked the people to keep their dog away, and they just did the smiling idiot chant of, "he just wants to play." Of course, Leo is did not want to play and did not want to be challenged so he did his best impression of a mountain lion and snapped and snarled at the stupid dog. I told the people that when a dog stands over another in that stiff stance with the tail up staring at the other it is a dominance thing and it is telling the other dog to submit or fight. Their response was, "No, he just wants to play. Your dog must just be mean."

    I wish people wouldn't get pets that they don't take the time to understand. I can just imagine this dog causing trouble with other animals and these people never believing that their dog could ever be a problem. No, I didn't turn them in because they were friends with some of our close friends that were there, but I did tell them that they were going to have to keep their dog in their own area until we left.

    Sorry to rant, but if anybody in the world understands, it's you guys.
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    Mar 13, 2008
    Yeah, you're right. If the dog is trained and well behaved (same for the owners [​IMG] ) then I guess I don't have a problem because a really responsible owner won't let their dog get in a situation where another dog/person could feel threatened. People who think their dog is an angle are blind to their behavior and how it affects others. Loving an animal in one thing, understanding it is another.
  3. Mom2Cool

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    May 8, 2008
    ohmygosh this is issue within family here on the in-laws side. The most irresposible thing & I don't want to be mean or have people hating me for telling them off but it isn't the dog that's stupid & at fault but the owners.... Not sure but think when I say that it might cause the rift in the family? LOL

    You know there's a difference between the dog who really is trained by it's owner & is being watched & will listen so it's allowed off leash & the shmuck who's standing around saying "aww he just wants to play". I had a BIL who did just that. Dog was in his open front yard and their yards are all like 150 feet by 150 feet. So when the guy across the street came out with his German shepard into their yard the chocolate lab decided to trot on over "to play" & got bit! Mean while the BIL is ticked at the guy across the street? Well his dog wasn't roaming the neighborhood with it's owner standing right there thinking "it's cute when they go visit the neighbors". I don't even think my BIL knew the dog had gone across the street or was really even watching it if he knew it had started to go in that direction. Mean while IMO the German Shepard across the street was off leash but in his own yard & being supervised & listened when given direction &/or was trained. huge difference between the too & yea it's the stupid owner. There I think I've needed to get this story out for a long time. LOL In-laws.....
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    Aug 9, 2008
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    Yup, my dog is mean, not in any way responding to nature or refusing to be dominated, etc.

    Totally understand! [​IMG]

    I was taking one of my dogs for a walk last summer around the block and a dog came running at us from someone's yard barking and snarling.

    To my astonishment(he is a rescue dog who still gets jumpy and sometimes leaves the room when you turn a page in the newspaper) my dog got between us and lunged at it, so I go from a peaceful walk to trying to hold back my dog from defending me and itself, snarling front paws flailing in the air, etc.

    Some lady comes out in a gown saying the typical, my dog never does this, he has been getting out lately but I don't know why he would act like this...

    The dog of course is completely ignoring her calls and circling around me and my dog as she attempts to get ahold of him.

    I just kept facing the dog with mine still P.O.'d and on a taught leash while moving toward my house, so perhaps the dog would no longer feel as if I am in its territory and eventually my wife would hear the noise and be able to assist somehow(water hose perhaps?).

    Eventually she did manage to get ahold of her dog just as I was reaching earshot of home.
  5. This year I went to NC for a week. The outerbanks in Rodanthe NC. The last day around 5pm I was taking my 8 pound Miniature Pinscher, Roxy, to the bathroom. The next thing, I look up and there is a huge yellow lab mix running full speed ahead. The damb owners just stood there. I told them to come over and get there ******* dog. It was snapping and snarling, It just missed my dogs head by an inch. I was holding Roxy up as far as I could. I should have called the police. The stupid owners were scared to come over and get their dog.

  6. FlockEweFarm

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    Jun 11, 2008
    We have a leash law in my area, but I live in one of those granola places where we have quite a few of the idiots that treat their dogs like they treat their kids, as accessories that they have just to make them look like they fit in. They dont make them listen, and they dont make them follow the rules. In town, we have quite a few cops that actually will ticket the idiots because they dont want the tourists getting chomped by little "Tyler" and "Zoe" and "Peaceflower" (real names,I swear to God!), so the idiots bring their dogs out to the country where we have fewer cops to enforce the leash laws. They park their Priuse's on the end of our road and then they get out and they decide to take a nice little walk, off leash, down my road, past my gate, where my pack of hounds get completely unhinged when their little designer mutts come running up to stick their noses under my gate. I have people on an almost daily basis glare at my dogs, and even dare to yell at them,(until I come out and yell back that there is a leash law in the county and I have called enforcement), for barking and defending their turf. I have had strange dogs try and fight with my dogs through the fence and even try to dig under my gate, while their owners just blithely wandered around scratching their hind quarters. If some little yuppy mutt ever did get into the yard, it would not be a happy ending, because my dogs are not particularly kind to interlopers. People just dont seem to understand that leash laws are there to keep their mutts safe, as well as to keep them from getting the pants sued off of them. Whenever I take my Fergus with me,(all 155 slobbery pounds of him), I have him on not only a regular collar and leash, I also have a choke collar and back-up leash just because of the idiots that allow their dogs to run loose, he doesnt like it when strange dogs run up to me, and I have already had to tackle him once to save the life of some stupid labradoodle, and I should not have to sit on my dog because he was doing the right thing. Some people should be forcibly spayed and neutered along with their pets, just so they can't produce more stupid pet owners.
  7. ninjapoodles

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    May 24, 2008
    Central Arkansas
    UGH. I'm afraid I would have been a you-know-what, and replied as icily as I could, "That may be, but WE do NOT want to play. Kindly keep your dog away."

  8. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
    NW Kentucky
    I completely understand! It is not the fault of the dog it is the fault of the idiots who own him and fail to teach him good social behavior.

    I just moved into my new house on the 9th and last night I had a big bird dog roaming through my property and scent trailing my girls through the yard and to the garage. He challenged me but I was able to chase him away with a swat and decided I was serious I guess. So this am I had to go over to my neighbors and inform them their dog was again in my yard and to come remove him or I would drag his body back to their house. I am NOT going to have someone's dog challenge me on my property and track my girls down. I love animals and will hate to do it, but he is not getting so much as 1 of my girls.

    Needless to say, this dog has an idiot owner too...young punk in his 20's that said...and I quote "Well he is a bird dog afterall" to which I replied "He will be a lifeless bird dog if he comes back tracking my chickens". So I am on chicken guard right now...they are outside in their tractors and I am keeping a close eye on them. IDIOTS!

    Sorry for hijacking...but I do understand idiot dog owners.
  9. horsejody

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    Feb 11, 2008
    Waterloo, Nebraska
    Quote:That is exactly what I did tell them. I just got a blank stare, followed by a stupid smile. That's when they said that my dog must be mean and theirs just wanted to play. They seemed totally astounded that my dog didn't want to play with theirs. Then their dog romped away and knocked their two year daughter over when he did it.
  10. CritterHill

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    Feb 3, 2008
    SE PA
    Mwahaha! Unleashed dogs! Do fox hounds count?

    Because I routinely get 2 dozen fox hounds in full cry tearing through my property. Under the play set, through the garden, you get the picture.

    Well, I have been told by the guy running the hunt that "It's too rocky to get horses back there" so there is nothing he can do to keep them out of my yard.

    So, I built my coop like fort knox. I call the kids in from the yard when I hear the hunt starting. The cats, luckily, are smart enough to come in on their own. And I decided to enjoy it. It IS kindof cool and there is no noise in the world like hounds in full cry.

    I guess I could be bent out of shape about it, but all that's going to do is raise my blood pressure - my neighbor told me that her uncle used to rage about this guy and his hunt back when she was a little girl so it's been going on for over a generation now!

    In this guy's defense, he did invite us over to his kennel to let my kids play with the puppies, so he is trying to be neighborly. And he swears his hounds are too well trained to kill chickens, but I have heard stories to the contrary.

    ETA: Now if they start causing a problem. Trying to break into the coop, chasing down my cats, etc. Well, I have a shotgun and I know how to use it... We pretty much told this to the guy running the hunt when this first started happening, but he SWEARS his hounds are better trained than that and will ONLY go for fox... We shall see.
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