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    May 4, 2007
    I have a chicken that was told was a orlof? orloft? well I am begining to think she is a easter egger I have one of these kind bare with me here, My chicklens lay brown eggs the one easter egger lay bluish eggs so we know for a fact one is a easteregger ok now this new one I got she is laying a redfish egg and I don't know who buty I have got two near white eggs I also am getting brown eggs now the stupid question no not for the one laying bluish eggs but the one laying redish eggs could she be a easter egger? and she is young so could she lay near white eggs I think I will have to post pictures but of what I ahve said can she be laying almost white eggs when she was laying redish eggs I never had this colour before I have had my 4 chickens for a year now and the one laying the redish eggs is the newest one. So what do you all think. If a chicken is laying brown eggs and whaite eggs (the breeds of this kind to lay this kind of egg) and a chicken lays a cloloured egg that is not brown or white then it has to be a easter egger UNLESS it is a bonafied Ameracauna or of the breed to lay this sort of egg.

    GEZ I am trying so hard to be understand and I feel like I am running around after my tail feathers.

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    Orloffs have a real distinct body shape, kind of like a big "Y." Easter Eggers, which are a crossbreed, can have varying body shapes, but usually are not like a big "Y." Picture would help.

    A red egg is a color variation of a brown egg, really just a lightish brown. If I remember correctly, a green egg is produced starting with a blue egg and is covered with a brown bloom in the shell gland. I could be completely wrong on this...

    However, I would think that whoever layed the red egg it is not an EE.
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