stupid, stupid, stupid. Fox attack


12 Years
Dec 29, 2009
Springfield, VA
Well after 3+ years w/o an incident today turned rainy and dreary. I had already let the chickens out this morning before the weather changed.

The hens must have been so scared because they didn't make a peep. I came downstairs and my dog went to the back door. As we opened it I saw one of my girls running and a fox snapping at her back end. Dog ran out, I ran out and fox took off.

I turned around to realize it looked like an explosion of feathers, all different sorts all over the entire backyard. My heart sank. Amazingly we lost only one hen and I have one inside with me now. She has punctures on her back and she isn't walking at all. She must have been able to escape to the crevice she got herself lodged into so I am hoping after the shock wears off she may recover. Is this possibly normal for how she might be now if in shock unsure on her feet and not great control of her wings?

It's been 5 hours now and shes asleep but she only took a few bites of food but she didn't eat or drink hardly anything. I cleaned her back and used antibiotic ointment.

Looks like the fox got the tails of a few but I wasn't able to find any issues with the remaining hens.

I am so sad. My dog is even sadder as they are her hens.

I am open to any and all words of wisdom on getting Pepper better.
Shock is your biggest concern right now. Some sugar water may help her take some fluids. You could try some Pedialyte/electrolytes, but I have always had better luck with just plain sugar water. Keep her warm and quiet in a dim room and let her rest for the night. If you happen to have any Bach's Rescue Remedy (herbal remedy that is supposed to help with shock) you can use that, but it is not necessary. The main thing is to let her rest. Shock can be very dangerous for birds.

Hopefully her injuries are nothing more than they seem to be. Punctures can be deceptive, though. I am keeping my fingers crossed that nothing was injured internally.

Keep us posted on how she is doing. I hope she makes it.
I'm going to try to get her to take some sugar water then just let her rest. I did try to get her to take some electrolytes when I brought her in but she didn't take anything. I will keep y'all posted.

Much thanks for the suggestion.
sorry to hear about ur birds,hope she pulls through. ya need to take precaution here. that fox will be back now that it knows there is chicken for dinner. Id set some traps if i were you. GL
Well today Pepper is taking sugar water from a liquid medicine syringe and she had a few bites of scrabbled egg. She is really uneasy on her feet and she is pretty much staying put and really resting.

Every now and then she will work on picking herself up but if she tries to move somewhere it's not easy, very wobbly and sometimes tips to the side or down on her face.

At least she is engaging with me much better than last night.

Thoughts for her and what I can do for her today?
Keep her warm and quiet. She is going to need to rest, but she also needs to start taking in fluids and some feed. Don't worry too much about her eating until tomorrow. If she'll eat-great!- but don't stress too much if she won't. How are the wounds looking today?
She is doing well taking the sugar water though it's a slow process coming from a baby Tylenol syringe. Thank God she readily takes it. She isn't interested in eating hardly at all so glad to hear that might be normal for now. I do see her standing on her feet every now and then, then resting, then sugar water. Wounds look good, no redness or swelling. I used an aloe Vera leaf on it today and just drenched the area.

I will check back in later tonight with an update. I'm supposed to be out of the house most of tomorrow but will have to rethink that if she isn't drinking on her own by then.

Thanks for the encouragement, knowledge and support.
Pepper is walking MUCH better today and not wobbling at all, just methodically taking her time moving around in her little recoup cage. I'm going to let her out of her cage for a while indoors and see how she does.

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