Stupid Vacuum... *Update*

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    As if life isn't hard enough at the moment (Just lost all my chickens [​IMG] to some nasty critter) My vacuum decides to quit on me half way through my living room.

    SO, I'm in the market for a new one. The one I had was an Oreck XL, base model I believe. I looked it up and I don't think they even make one that looks like mine anymore. I liked it, until we got a new carpet, and it's SO HARD to push. (It's a very plush carpet). Plus, it has no adjustments, as in it can't go from rug to floor... and I would love to use it on my tile floors.

    Anyone have a vacuum they love and adore?? As if most of us love and adore vacuuming... [​IMG] Let me know!!! Thanks! [​IMG]

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    We ended up ordering a Panasonic Jetspin Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner. I didn't even know Panasonic made vacuums!
    We'll see how it is!!! I get it tomorrow, and I am excited! My carpet needs some serious TLC after a few days without cleaning!!!

    Thanks to ALL who gave their opinions! I really appreciate it!

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    I am so sorry about your chicks!!! On the vacum, I use to do house keeping for others and have had Kirby, Rainbow and Oreck, and I can tell you hands down for the money Bissell Pet is the way to go, the model I have also does my tile and wood floors and it has a hand held power brush for pet hair or steps! Great vacum, so much so I will never buy another "high end" vacum again.
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    Quote:Awesome! Sounds like you would know! [​IMG] Thanks so much for the advice!
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    Check the latest Consumer Reports issue that covers vacuum cleaners; the make and model that is best one year may be surpassed the following year by an entirely different brand or model. The annual Buyer's Guides are also great at supplying the ratings, but the report in the monthly magazine is more detailed; for the Buyer's Guide it will be significantly condensed.
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    Dyson all the way!
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    Sorry about your chickens. Hope you catch the perp. Ok I have heard great things about the Dyson but can't choke down the price. I have a Bissel Clearview II and it has worked great on my carpets/tile/wood floors and that is with picking up hair from a non-stop shedding labrador retriever. I usually swiffer after but my vaccum doesn't miss much.
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    My vacuum of 15 years died a few weeks ago. I really wanted a Dyson Animal but couldn't afford it. I scoured the sales pages and website looking for a deal. Finally, Target had it listed over $100 less than Lowes. I took the print out from the Target website to Lowes where they matched it and gave me an additional 10% off. I saved $150, which I could stomach. [​IMG]

    The thing is amazing! We have indoor cats and small kids. It sucked up a ton of hair/junk from what I thought were my clean carpets. Love it!
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    Hoover makes good quality and dyson is also good
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    My vacuum gave up 2 months ago and I couldnt decide what to buy to replace it. Finally I got a cute little purple shop vac from walmart. I only have 2 small rooms of carpet and the rest is tile. My DD's room is always full of chewed up little bits of something from her "puppy" and she burned out the motor on the last one sucking up whatever it was from under her bed. I am hoping the shop vac will suck up the dog too! [​IMG] and it's handy for feathers in the coop as well [​IMG]
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    I remember working years ago for The kirby and I have my house with a kirby ever since
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