Substitute pine shavings?


Ye Olde Henhouse Builder
13 Years
Feb 18, 2008
Eaton County, Michigan
My local TSC is out of pine shavings....have been for about a week.

I thought I could hold out until they got more in, but I called a while ago and they still don't have any, and now I need something.

My question is, since I build cabinets and furniture I have an abundance of Ash planer shavings out in the shop from a current kitchen I'm building....can I use Ash shavings as a substitute until i can get pine from TSC?

Thanks in advance.
No these are not existing cabinets...this is wood I cut and dried myself, basically the raw product before I make anything out of it.

No treatment, varnishes, stains etc.
I am nearly out of shavings... and worse money.I need to clean out my coop because it got wet inside .I was thinking of using newspaper for a few days-and find and caulk that leak!

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