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  1. ontiptoe

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    Jul 29, 2013
    Not real impressed with Privett Hatchery. My local feed store ordered my chicks for me, and Privett sent SLOW growing white Cornish instead of the FAST growing chicks I ordered. I'm trying to figure out why they thought it would be okay to substitute! It's costing me big time in extra feed! We thought they were kind of scrawny, but we had no way of knowing these were 12 week birds until we went to butcher them at eight weeks and realized they were only a little over TWO pounds! They have beautiful fluffy white feathers, and they chase bugs like crazy, unlike the normal lazy Cornish X. Privett got uppity with me when I suggested that if they'd just made an honest mistake they might want to keep the customer happy. They said I got what I ordered! Oh yeah? Then why aren't there 100 nice big six pound birds in the FREEZER right now? I guess I can only assume they substituted some chicks they couldn't sell. Not impressed that I've got over $5/lb into this meat. Anybody else run into this?
  2. Bill Matthews

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    Apr 3, 2013
    To: ontiptoe......These people have been in business for several decades....They are honest, good poultrymen/women....Knowing how feed stores operate, the feed store is most likely to blame.....Of course I wasn't there...So I don't really know....Good people do make mistakes....Since you seem angry about this, maybe the reaction at Privett was due to the way you were perceived....I would hate for the general public to avoid Privett over something like this....Maybe write them an old fashioned letter to explain the situation....God Bless and Take Care...

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