Subtle pondside pen for goose and ducks?


11 Years
Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
I need to devise some way of keeping my waterfowl from 'fowling' my yard. This spring, once the ice on the pond melts, I'm gonna move their house down near the water (it's been close to the house for snowy convenience), and make some sort of fenced enclosure for them to live in. At night I'd go lock them up, for safety... do you think that they'd just STAY down by the pond, or will they return to the yard near my house? any ideas for fencing in a portion of the pond in some way that doesn't look terrible?


12 Years
Feb 17, 2009
North Georgia
There is some green vynil coated fence ,"garden fence" at Lowes about 2 feet high and 25 feet long or so. You can get short green posts, they come about 2 feet tall too from Lowes.
Or 'rabbit fence" which is silver and tends to disapear from a distance, it comes in 30-50 foot rolls--meant to keep rabbits out of gardens, and you can use the green poles or whatever. Again about 2 feet tall. Cheaper than the green- I put it around my garden and patio to keep out neighbors small dogs and furture grazing geese. It won't keep large dogs out , but could be use as a fence within a fence. I am fieldfencing about 2 acres around our house with field fence to keep dogs and the neighbors errant cows out and then smaller fences for the geese, ducks.
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