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    May 29, 2008
    Glenside PA
    Hey there Greater Philadelphians!
    Check in if you're raising chickens in the Philly area. How a about a forum to exchange info with fellow Delaware Valley backyard farmers?

    I'm in Glenside, waiting on my new chicks from Murray McMurray- Blue Cochins, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Dominiques, Golden Wyandottes, and Partridge Rocks. Won't be able to keep them all, so I'll be posting when it's time to find some new homes. I'm currently looking for a local stable, farm, nursery, or large property owner who would be willing to lease me a wee bit of turf for my new flock, in exchange for a little bit of dough and a lot of eggs! My last flock - 6 cochin bantam hens- disturbed ONE of my six neighbors. Unfortunately, she's still alive, and still filling my yard with her cigarette smoke, so I want to avoid conflict this time. But I digress. I'll try to post any poultry shows or events happening in the SE PA region or anything related to the Montco 4H Poutry Club, which my daughter and I will be joining next week.
    Hope to hear from other kindred spirits soon.

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