Success despite broody nest confusion

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  1. I had a broody who was doing a great job until about 4 days ago, then 2 days in a row she left her nest and went and sat on the other group of eggs which had just been laid by the other hens-- probably after she'd taken her morning break. On both days I'd come home and saw & felt the cold eggs. The first day I put her back on the right nest when I went in to collect the eggs that night. The second time I just sighed and put the 5 cold (I"m talkin 40 degrees outside) eggs into my incubator which I had promised not to use until my other chicks were out of the garage. I figured these little ones were already half done when I made that promise. I didn't really have much hope for them, but they all looked ok and none smelled funky. Today, I have 2 new chicks and one in the process of zipping, I am amazed at these resilient little peeps! I hope this story inspires others to try and salvage the results of an unsuccessful broody.
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    I tryed to do that after a coyote killed a hen in my back yard but i had no succes the stupid thermometer was readding 10ยบ lower thant what it showed and they all die at day 10 [​IMG]
    i would of have chiks by now but Im trying again today with 12 fresh eggs from my hens. [​IMG]
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    If she's still sitting on eggs -- any eggs, I'd try the chicks under her after the hatch to see if she will raise them. I don't think they know they are on the wrong nest. I've seen my broodies switch nests more than once.

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