Success Story (w/ pics) Hen was attacked, healing timeline!


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Apr 2, 2014
Two weeks ago some unknown varmit got one of my hens and badly injured another. I came to this forum for help and advice. I had never dealt with a chicken wound before and had no idea how to heal one. I thought she would for sure die or get badly infected to where I would have to put her down. I decided to keep a photo diary as we went!

I started off cleaning her with peroxide and sterile water when I found her, did some research as well as came here. I never took her out of the coop since none of the other girls even noticed it, bothered her or picked at her. She walked with a limp for the first couple days but never stopped eating or drinking. She foraged with the others for goodies and got just as dirty.

Anywho I bought some vetericyn spray and neosporin. Cleaned her 2-3 times a day with vetericyn and applied neosporin for the first week. At the end of the first week my girl felt so good she took a dust bath, the neosporin also helped the dirt stick nice and well:) I couldn't get her clean again! TSC finally got some Blue Kote in and I grabbed it up and started using that once a day after cleaning it with the spray again. I also never wrapped her up. A day shy of two weeks the scab started to peel up, at the end of the day when I went to check on her again it was GONE!! Either she ate it or it fell off, and it looks GREAT!!! All new skin and closed up.

I think we are both lucky ladies!! Just wanted to share my success story!

These were taken 3 days after the attack. There is more of the wound behind her leg, all together a gaping wound the size of my fist with all the tissue gone and parts down to the muscle.

This was 5 days after the attack, at this point I was a little nervous and unsure of her outcome.

This is one week after the attack... She was feeling good enough to take a dust bath and flop around and we now have a very dirty wound. I tried to clean it up but I could not get the dirt out. I went out later that day and got some BLUE KOTE.

This is 9 days after the attack, a good scab is forming.

This is 11 days after the attack.

And most recent her scab fell off today( or she ate it?)!!! One day shy of two weeks. I am impressed with her healing and the outcome. New feathers are coming in and the new skin closed over and looks amazing. She is one lucky lady!

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