Success!!! We got our masked bandits!


10 Years
Apr 26, 2011
We finally got em!!! We lost over half our flock in one night to a coon. They came right up on our front porch and pulled them through the cage. Carnage and feathers everywhere, not to mention 3 previously tame chickens with PTSD now. So we finally got the chicken tractor finished, and put them up in the very secure top part, with numerous leg traps around the outside, tied to the bottom of the tractor. We awoke to happy, safe chickens, and one incredibly mad raccoon. He was shortly dispatched. The very next night we got another one who tried his best to chew off his legs, but we got him first. Big THANKS to my husband who worked so hard to make a chicken fortress and get those horrible racoons!
I have a feeling that we could catch one every night for the next month, and not put a dent in the coon population around here. (We live out in the woods) But this is a great start!
They didn't even eat much of them. Just heads and feet. Only one was completely gone. Horrible pests.
the coon will normally be in groups 5-7 I trap until they are all gone this will buy you a little time to "tighten up the coop and run or tractors good luck
Got another one!!!
So, I probably wouldn't recommend this to people who had to worry about catching a neighbor's dog, but this method is working GREAT!!! I laughed at my husband when he got out the old leg traps. No bait necessary!

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