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Jan 26, 2009
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My broody BO took over for my incubator and has at least one chick! It's killing me that I can't go out and inspect right now....but yay! She did the work for me!

ETA: I'm laid up after a surgery, so it's nice that she's going to cover chick care for us instead of needing a brooder.
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Congrat's on new chick, hope you are up a running soon.
LOL, I often read that people take eggs away from the hens... it's great that your broody is caring for the eggs/chicks now.

Hope you're up and around and feeling well soon!
I hobbled outside in my jammies and bathrobe, she has at least four chicks and several more pips!
She's so proud.
I'll get someone to get pictures when she leaves the nest.

I'm craving hummus and my mom won't bring me the food processor. I may have to limp to the kitchen and make me some.
We have 8 chicks, I think, and one that's in the incubator because she got off the nest and one was still hatching. We'll see if it makes it.
They're so cute poking out of her fluffy chest!

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