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Sep 6, 2012
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Hello All, I have been stressing now for awhile about trying to figure out a way to get my girls to learn how to start using their nipple watering system. I have been changing their water in their dish two to three times a day now for months, and don't get me wrong, I'm happy to, but it would be nice not to too. So I tried to flick the stems in front of them several times and well that was not successful. I also tried holding a cracker right in front of the nipple and go figure, the cracker was gone is a second and not a drop of water spilled. Then the rain drop hit me on the head, I smeared some peanut butter on the top part of the nipple and within about 30 seconds they're drinking from the nipple like they have a new toy.


Have a Great Day All, Craig
Good idea! Thank you for sharing. Earlier tonight I ordered my new water-releasing devices (to avoid the "word").
I plan on putting them on a 5 gallon bucket and adding a heater of some sort. The dog waterer I used to use is not big enough for all my ladies. They drink upwards of 3 gallons of water a day!

I look forward to trying the new set up as soon as they get here. No more poopy-sawdust water!
I just hope they take to it easily!

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I had this set up once but the water leak out slowly because the nipple wouldn't straighten after they used it so it was always slanted and the water dripped dripped dripped out like in the Edgar Allen Poe story it drove me mad.
Has anyone else had this problem? Besides the leaking I loved it!

Me thinking about a nipple system working properly:
Were your watering nipples at an angle or hanging straight down? Mine hang straight from the bottom of a bucket and I have no issue like that. I could see it happening if they are on an angle. I wouldn't give these things up for anything. They are great.

@ chicky boom boom
I had an issue with the watering nipples freezing up on our first 20 degree night. So I had to thaw them because I didn't want to damage any type of seal by forcing them to move. I put in a bird bath de icer Sunday. Last night got down to 20 something went out this morning and the watering nipples moved free and easy. A very worthwhile investment I purchased at Ace hardware in bird feed aisle. It is manufactured by Just make sure you get one rated for a plastic bucket.
No they would slant. I hate to admit that I bought the nipples and installed them my self so that's probably the problem. If I bought a pre-made set up you think it would work properly? If anyone's bought a pre-made one that works great perhaps post a link? Thanks!
got mine here It's a pre-made black 3.5 gallon plastic bucket with 3 water nipples attached to the bottom. It has worked great for me. They do sell just the nipples and you could get your own bucket and put them on. Hanging straight down may solve your problem but I don't know for sure.

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