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    Here at Hardin Poultry we have recently started shipping eggs out to our customers and have been getting some really good feedback.
    We used our multitude of experience in receiving eggs to put together a plan on how to ship them with as few problems as possible. Unfortunately we can not control USPS and their occasional errors when it comes to shipping times and details.

    Here is our plan:

    We use USPS boxes (free if you use their flat rate option), however if you sign up to an online service ( you can still get normal (non flat rate) boxes for free!!!! If you contact us we will send you details on how you get free stuff from them and we get a sign up bonus as a thanks...

    In the bottom of the box we use Styrofoam to line the bottom.
    We then add a layer of large bubble wrap that wraps the bottom and the top.
    Each egg is placed in a small bubble wrap 'bag' that also contains a small piece of paper with information about each egg.
    The large bubble wrap that we talked about earlier then wraps around all the eggs to keep them in place.
    We then fill the top of the box with more Styrofoam.

    Is this the cheapest way of packaging eggs? Certainly not... However if you don't use flat rate boxes - most shipping would run maybe $8-$10 including $1.95 for insurance.
    That leaves around $5 to go towards the packaging materials that are enclosed in each box...
    I feel that we shouldn't make money out of shipping - USPS will collect, so time and materials runs in my estimate $3-$4.

    We charge $15 shipping for anything up to 24 eggs.

    If anyone who has had eggs from us would like to comment on the above - we look forward to it.

    Have a great day!
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    Oct 13, 2012
    I received eggs today. The shipment that I received was incredible. Our granddaughter opened up 12 silkie eggs. All individually wrapped with a note of what type of egg it was. She proudly read it, danced around, smiled a lot and threw her hands up and pulled down and said "YES".. She loved this like it was Christmas. Each egg was perfect! Not one egg was cracked. Very clean and package was outstanding. The best packing yet! We had a personal note that was God's Blessing to our granddaughter. She looked up the website and looked at it for 45 minutes. She is so Thankful and Hardinpoultry has been a blessing to our family. VERY Professional and they really care about what they do. Thank you all the way from: Dutchmanview Farms, Mocksville NC
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    Do you ship Buff Orpington hatching eggs ? Thank You in advance .
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    We will be shipping Buff Orpington hatching eggs starting in the late Spring. :)

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