such a good boy and kind soul :)

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    I had posted about my 3yo autistic son before, and how far he has come. He makes me very afraid with his lack of fear......he has been the only one that can ALWAYS catch the chickens, without harm to either party. He loves the chickens. Last year when he was just 2 1/2 I would take the 5 week chicks out to get fresh air. My other children could never catch them. He could, and did, then hand them over to me, he would always have another one ready for me to bring upstairs. Well, we have a house chicken for the moment that had frostbite damage as she was lost for a week this winter, just need to integrate her back into the flock. He frequently pets her outside when she is out there. Two days ago I went outside to let the chickens out of the coop. He was in the basement with his dad and sister watching PBS, he decided to come see what mom was doing and after not seeing me he decided to go to the incubator in the dining room. He usually doens't touch or bother it. When I came in I nearly died, he was sitting next to it with a chick in his hand, the chick was only a few hours old. I refrained from yelling at him as I did not want to scare him. He just held it up and said "baby egg". I walked over and not only did he not harm this chick, he held it better than my oldest kids. He gently handed it to me when I asked him to. I am just so happy he is so kind and gentle. I have heard so many horror stories of little kids killing chicks by squishing or dropping them. I love my son [​IMG] and he loves these chickens, it's just too cute [​IMG]
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    God has given you a special blessing [​IMG]
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    Krista your darling child has a special gift in handling and dealing with your birds. Encourage it! [​IMG]
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    What a neat story about a special child! Thanks for sharing!
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    That is so good!
    My neighbors grand child has sensory issues and ocd, but is not gentle she gets too excited and squeezes things, it is hard to tell her she can't touch the babies, but it would end so bad, for both of them.
    I would encourage him to keep helping you, and it would be good therapy for him. Works with the fine motor skills.
    Keep up the good work
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    Quote:so true. [​IMG]

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