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    Ever heard of this one... Well let me preface the story with this. I purchased my first pullet three weeks ago from the local jockey lot. Having no experience I figured my pullet would be ok considering this guy had a nice permanent set up. Well I get her home and notice that with every breath she stretches her neck as if she were taking her last. And every so often she will shake her head and make a sound as if she is trying to blow "snot" out. So the next day I go get her an antibiotic in the form of powder that you mix into drinking water. Not working so far because three weeks later she is still doing it. But Last week I mention this to the guy I purchased her from and he said "AH THEY GET SINUS PROBLEMS JUST SHOVE A SUDAFED DOWN HER THROAT" so if anyone has a remedy to this ailment i would appreciate the feedback :eek:) She has yet to make a normal clucking sound:eek:((

    Oh and to top it all off im reading through a magazine and realize she has scaly mites which i am treating and a week into the treatment i am seeing noticeable results
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    Have you checked inside her mouth for placques of gunk (yellowish in color > in this case would be typical of trichomoniasis )
    If there are no placques then it sounds like it might be gapeworm .

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