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    Oct 1, 2015
    I need help please.

    I have raised two black sex link chickens from hatchlings. They were hand raised and both very friendly. They would both squat and want me to pet them. When I called them they would run and wanted attention. They live in a 4 chicken hutch at night and free range during the day.

    One chicken is larger and very fluffy. She has a full straight bright comb and just loves the attention. She lays 5 eggs a week.

    The other chicken is a little smaller, has a bent comb. She comes when I call and squats every now and again. A few weeks ago I was in the backyard and she flew up and bit my hand. Out of the blue, nothing going on. Then yesterday I was reading a book outside and she attacked my leg leaving a huge painful mark. Today she full out attacked me. She made herself big and came at she wasn't stopping and. I ran. She is always a daily egg layer but today nothing. A few days ago I noticed her eggs were more pointed.

    Don't know know what changed. Anyone have any suggestions on how to help the situation? Don't want to get rid of her if I don't have to.

    Thank you in advance, C
  2. Some hens are like that. Start teaching her to respect your space. No more cuddles. Chickens have a strong pecking order and in her mind she over ranks you...Show her some tough love.

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