Sudden Broody Hens & Flock Not Laying

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    Oct 27, 2016
    I have 3 hens who won't leave the nesting boxes as of a week ago. Two of them are actually in the boxes (there are 8 nesting boxes) and the other hen sits on the nesting box roost acting like she's guarding the other two.

    None of them are laying, AND I have no eggs from the other 10 or so hens. Normally we get 10-12 eggs every day. What the heck is going on?
  2. Break your Broody hens....Wire crates with wired bottoms elevated off the floor....Hens bellys need to cool to break them...It takes time to break depending on time allowed to Brood....? SOME SAY DIP IN COLD WATER....Never do that to a hen...It is cruel, as is leaving Broody...Try breaking it .....

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    There are many reasons for egg production to stop. Most have to do with disturbances or changes. Broody hens don't lay and they can disrupt the whole flock, and it also can be contagious. It's best to break all broody hens as soon as you notice it before it gives other hens the idea.

    This time of year halts in laying are common due to weather shifts and decreasing daylight, your best production will happen in the spring under increasing daylight. Most hens have a cycle they follow throughout the laying season where production goes up, down and stops, all are normal.

    You didn't mention age of your hens. Their best production is during their first year with production decreasing yearly until they quit all together.

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