Sudden Bullying


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6 Years
Aug 4, 2013
Nottingham, UK
I have 5 hens I keep in a large run and coop. I have one buff Sussex, two cookcoo Maran bantams and 2 British tailed Araucanas. They have all be living harmoniously for about 6 months (with a few rough days at first) suddenly one of my Araucanas have started being bullied by my two Marans. They are chasing her around and pulling at the feathers in her head and back. If it carries on I am thinking of separating the Marans from the rest of the flock for 2 weeks. I am hoping at reintroduction my Sussex who is a very big girl will reassert her authority and put an end to it. Does anyone have any other advice? I really don't want to have to rehome any of them but the well being of the birds is my primary concern. Any advice welcome. Thanks

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