sudden dead hen

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  1. junglecoop

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    Aug 3, 2011
    Young hen, not yet laying was dead this morning. No symptoms or any thing wrong the day before. She didn't roost in the normal place but low to ground, 6 inches. We put them in a small mesh dog crate at night to keep them safe, and let them out in morning but not as early as they would like. She seemed subdued and docile but it didn't seem a cause for alarm. They usually are a bit resistant to be put away. There are 3 left and they seem fine. Any suggestion??? I give them weeds from the yard, also mangoes and some avocados. Should I open her up and look for anything? Should she be cooked and eaten by the dogs? Thanks for your help!!!
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    Sorry. That does sound mysterious. I have read on the forum that some states offer a free necropsy.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    sorry for the sudden death of your hen. sometimes we dont know why these things happen. i had a hen during the summer.. was laying great.. etc.etc. next day, found her dead in the coop. no clues. no reasons. sorry. [​IMG]
    could have been a heartake?
  4. Lesler5

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    Sep 22, 2011
    Sorry for your loss. I had a similar incident here. Returned home yesterday to find one of my 4 month old hens (might have been rooster) dead. No signs of any struggle or fighting, just dead. I am worried about my others too because the one that died had seemed like such a healthy, outgoing bird. So sad
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    Jan 16, 2010

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