sudden death has us puzzled. 3/7/13

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    We had a white hen die today very suddenly. She was almost a year old and looked quite healthy, no injuries or sores. We had brought her in from the Coop to the house because she has been broody of late, spend a lot of time in the nesting boxes and we thought to take advantage of that with the 8 chicks we got this week. She was in the house, interacting with the chicks, eating and drinking, but after supper she went into the corner of the pen farthest away from the chicks and acted like she was going to sleep. We didn't think anything of it, but when we checked on her an hour later, she was dead! Now we are wondering what is going on? Was bringing her in from the coop to the house the wrong thing to do, or was she sick and we just didn't see it? What should we be watching for in the chicks to make sure we don't have more unexplained deaths. We have already changed the chicks shavings and water and feed, as a precaution.
    This white was part of our flock of 15 birds, a mix of Rhode Island Reds, Great Blacks, and Blonds and Whites. We are just stumped as to why this would happen.

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