Sudden death in 1 week old guinea fowl!!!!

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    Jul 25, 2011
    On tuesday, I received 30 newborn guinea fowl. All was going well until yesterday morning. I nocited two chicks seemed like they had forgotten how to use their legs and thir wings were hanging loosely at their sides. When I picked them up, they didn't struggle or fight, they just lay floppy in my hand. When I set them down, and tried to get them to stand, they would kind of half stand, and wobble to the point where they fell over. They also fell over when any attempt to walk was made. When they fell over, they couldnt get themselves up again, unless I helped them. They would just flail around, and ten give up and lie still. I put the two chicks in a separate, indoor box underneath a heat lamp. They slept, but in awkward positions, their necks bent all the way back. While they slept, they would breath heavily. Eventually, they started gasping for breath, opening their beaks and jerking their heads every 5 seconds or so. Then after they stopped gasping, they just layed there for a while, until eventually their eyes opened and their muscles froze and they were dead. This happened to one more and hour or so after the first two died, and then one more this morning with a second one going through the whole process just now. He seems to be holding out better than the others, trying to get up and walk around but I don't know how long he'll last. They don't show any symptoms before they start getting wobbly legged. 4 have already died, and a 5th is on the way, does anyone know what's causing this? Is there any way to stop it? Please help!
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    Are you sure that they are eating and drinking? I'll loose one once in awhile and thats usually the reason possibly a respitory problem. Post this on the guinea thread there's a lady there who is very knowledgeable who could give you a better answer.PeepsCa.......Good Luck

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