Sudden death in 5 day old chicks

Connie Lewis

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Aug 24, 2019
I hatched 8 chicks. They are 5-7 days old.
Yesterday one of the largest one started breathing hard...his tummy was hard other than that perfectly normal today he died and another one is acting the same way. My incubators were cleaned and sprayed with Peroxide the eggs were also sprayed with peroxide.. they have quick chick in their water and are eating purina medicated starter...
And No their not to hot or cold..
Does anyone have any ideas about whats going on...
Not my first Rodeo
Thanks for any Help you might have
Sorry you joined under such circumstances.
I'm guessing that they are too young for it to be coccidiosis. Have you raised chicks in the same brooder recently?
It could be so many different things to hazard a guess with so few symptoms. To know for sure what is going on, I would send a recently dead chick to your state poultry lab for a necropsy. If you call, they'll likely send a FedEx label for shipping. It needs to stay refrigerated.
What state/country are you in?
Coccidiosis is the most common cause of death in baby chicks, according to the chicken chick. I'm sorry you're going through this. I'll be watching your progress and hoping things will improve quickly for you. Sounds like you're very conscientious as well as experienced.
5 days is extremely young for it to be coccidiosis. The initial protozoa would have to get into the brooder somehow and the bedding would have to be moist for them to expand their population. Some species of eimeria do affect chicks within a couple days but still.
Thank You for responding..
I have them in my bathroom in a Rubber made tub...their feed has Medication for coccidious
I now have Electrolytes in the water ...
Nobody has died today...More Chicks Hatching today..I'll get a new Tub
Thank you again
You're doing awesome--obviously the care you're giving them is the chicken equivalent to Neonatal Trauma Care Something. Keep us posted, we're all rooting for you!

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