sudden death in peacock

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    Jul 18, 2016
    i apoligize for spelling/grammer mistakes but this was written quickly because we are worried about something contagios in our flock.

    our adult male peacock just died, he was lying next to our female peacocks nest when we found him we thought he was already dead becaucuse of how stiff he was but he was moving slightly so we took him inside. his eyes were pale with some slime around them and he kept trying to breathe he became less and less able to move qouickly and died his throat appears to be filled with a spit like slime (CPR was attempted but not enough to be the only cause of this). he was laying next to is mates nest this morning but appeared fine back then, he was seen yesterday and it looked normal and he has had no previos sign of illnes other than laying next to his mate.

    we live in denmark, theese are our only peacocks and the live with a chickenflock and the female peacock is laying on overdue not fertile eggs (eggs from theese two have been succesfully incubated, but the father killed them)

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