Sudden Death of Rooster


Apr 17, 2018
Buttless(he's an ameraucana and has almost always been very close to the bottom of the hierarchy(in whatever flock he was in) and therefore has very rarely ever had tail feathers and we've never seen what his full tail feathers would look like) has been quarantined for a little over a month now, more for his own protection than anything else. He had bumble, which we just let go for a while, because it never formed any core, so we're really not set up to take care of that(we also have no vet). But he was barely able to walk around the yard so we brought him in and did what we could for him. The bumble was spreading up his leg(only to a little before his spur) and we managed to "pop" what was on the pad of his foot. So, he lived in a relatively small box for a few weeks so he stayed off of that foot more. Then we put him out in a 10 x 10 dog kennel with a dogloo for a coop. He's done great for the last few weeks and was walking around better, was getting in some feathers again... Then this morning I went out to find him dead. At first glance, I thought it was a predator because his head appeared to be wedged under the edge of the kennel, but once I pulled him out and looked at him, I immediately saw that his face is covered in a green-ish foam that appears to have come from his mouth. I can't find anything about what may have happened. Though I may have more than 40 roosters right now, and I didn't exactly give him the most loving name, and he could kind of be an ass(to the other roos), it still saddens me, and I'd really just like to know what happened.

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