Sudden death=shock & sadness


Jul 24, 2020
Went out to coop this morning only to find one of our Freedom Rangers, Henrietta (that’s her as my photo), frozen solid on coop floor...a truly unexpected and sudden death...she had been as active and feisty as ever late yesterday afternoon. So, of our 18 hens, she wasn’t one I would’ve expected to find keeled over.

Granted, Henrietta was a meat bird, but she and her wry-legged tractor mate, Betty Lou, got paroled last summer as runts. Of course we became attached to them as they followed us around and got into everything. Both developed strong, independent personalities, especially Henrietta, who was especially vocal expressing her displeasure. They grew up to look like RI Reds and began laying consistently around 22 weeks, with strong shells and bright yolks, until December. Henrietta began laying again last week.

The rest of the flock all seem healthy. My uneducated guess is, given the ring of blood around her vent, she may have become egg bound. As I mentioned she was frozen solid after our 0° night, a temperature the girls are acclimated to. I‘m debating whether to defrost her for a home necropsy and also what to do for her final disposition in our winter bound clime...

Henrietta, RIP, I will miss you--you were one good bird!
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Apr 16, 2019
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Oh no, i am very sorry for your loss😢😢:hugs:hugs:hugs
I had five sudden chicken deaths, too: one of my 5yy old chickens that i loved a lot, two of my loved first flock died for an heat stroke, and my first rooster. it is so hard to accept it! 😢
I understand you:hugs:hugs


Oct 17, 2020
Northern MN
Sorry to hear about Henrietta.

I have 2 rangers hens left out of 7. They are 20 months old. They did great last winter and laid XL size eggs pretty much daily. One died because of a dog attack last spring, but the others showed no signs of illness before passing away over the summer and early fall. My roo is awesome. Keeps an eye for danger and doesn't mess with me. The only thing I can think of is they were bred for meat, not longevity.

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