Sudden Death, Thick Orange Slime on Beak?

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    Mar 12, 2018
    My blue marans rooster suddenly died, and he's around 7 or 8 months old. I found him this morning when I returned from trig class and he's completely stiff, eyes shut. There is this weird orange slime that seems to have coagulated all over his beak. I've had him and my hen locked up for the past few weeks due to awful conditions, with the polar vortex and wind. The hen is as lively as usual, and seemed more upset about me being late to let her play in snow than about her dead mate. He was eating regularly and I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary two days ago. Yesterday I was out all day so I didn't get to see them, but there's still food the hen was eating. I did notice that he does feel a bit lighter than he did in the fall, but I figured it was normal in the winter, since they don't get to forage like they normally do. I did notice some green poop. He has had frostbite on his comb, but it was due to the intense cold and was in the process of healing, I think? I know he didn't die of cold because my parents put a heat lamp in there from the polar vortex. Is this an illness, and if so, how can I protect my other birds? I have teenage birds in quarantine in my garage, so I'm wondering if some germs transferred somehow?

    Update: I just found a broken egg, so I think that's what was on his beak?
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    Nov 23, 2018
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    I was about to say- are there any broken eggs? He probably pecked the egg for calcium. If you ever use eggs for cooking, after you break them to put them in the chicken bucket (scraps bucket for cheeps) or just give it to them right then.
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    Mar 12, 2018
    I don't have pics rn as I'm currently drowning my feelings with a heavy homework workload at the local library. His legs were sprawled out but his wings were tucked in close. I did put him in a bag and away from all other animals in case he does have something... I do want to give him a proper burial when the snow melts. He was laying on his side in the straw, as if he was asleep. Weird thing I just realized is that he hasnt been crowing the past week. I've been trying to keep water out constantly, but it's really hard when it's this cold. What prevents a rooster from crowing? I don't think the coop has ammonia problems, as it's clean and doesn't smell any worse than the average chicken coop. In fact, I even completely cleaned it out a couple days ago so I could finally replace the wood shavings with straw.

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