sudden death with few symptoms

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    Hi- I know it's rude to skip introductions and go straight into asking for help, but I'm desperate. I had one of my younger girls die suddenly yesterday. She was eating, drinking, normally - but I did notice she seemed sleepy the last couple days. She was one of my favorites and very friendly. Lately though, when I would pick her up and give her a cuddle, she would doze off and rest in my arms until I had to put her down. She did not seem to be in distress or pain. fact, she would make coo-ing sounds like a pigeon. I didn't see her dozing off other than when I held her. I did not observe any abnormal poop-then again, once it lands in the shavings it's difficult to really "see it:. The last night of her life, I watched her go to her roost and she appeared a little off. Slow to make it up the rungs. Fell off and had to start over with some assistance. That's when I really started thinking something was wrong but she was gone in the morning. what could it be ? worms? help as I don't want to lose any more of my girls. the other 4 seem fine.
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    Its very hard to know what killed a chicken with few symptoms and sudden death.

    The only resort would be a necropsy lab.If you tell me your location i can find one near you.

    Sorry for your loss[​IMG]
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