Sudden death?


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6 Years
May 20, 2013
I found my less than 6 month old Rhode Island dead in the coop this morning. She was under the roost all stretched out with rigor mortis. I have no idea what happened to her. She was very healthy, happy and active. She was my favorite bird and I'm just heartbroken. I only had 6 chickens and the rest of them seem depressed today too. I've read about sudden death, heart attacks, etc....She had no indication of illness, mites, lice, egg bound, etc..She'd only laid a couple of times. Super sad day for me.
Sorry for your loss! Sometimes chickens just die for no apparent reason. They can have heart attacks, and they can bump their heads on things. Its possible that she broke her neck on something as well. If your other birds are healthy, I don't think that it was caused by a disease.
I'm sooo sorry, I just had the very same thing happen to one of mine :( Healthy and happy and then Bam I came home to find her dead. It's very upsetting. Hugs to you.

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