Sudden deaths, please help, need advice/ opinions :(

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    Jun 5, 2016
    Hello all. I'm raising chickens for the first time and had a couple of deaths this week. If anyone has some insight to share, I'd really appreciate it.

    My chickens are approximately 3 months old right now. I found one of my Ameracauna pullets standing lethargic in the coop a few evenings ago. Eyes closed, short gasping breaths. Kind of raspy breathing. I didn't know what to do, so I treated for sour crop (induced vomiting, gave her apple cider vinegar), but the next morning I found her dead.

    I figured it was an isolated incident, but one or two evenings later, I found my Cochin pullet dead in the coop. No sign of external damage. She had been acting fine that very morning, following me around in hopes a treat. [​IMG]

    I have an extremely mixed flock and got chicks from quite a few different sources. I did have some losses from Coccidiosis, but I've been treating with Corid in their water-- treat for 4 days, give them a couple weeks break, treat for 4 more days, to try to get them to develop immunity. I haven't vaccinated for anything.

    Hoping to gain information to prevent any more deaths. Thanks in advance.
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