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Apr 27, 2014

Hi All,
My hen, Penny has developed a hard, white, pea-sized cyst on her eyeball that isn't moveable and causes her pain when her eyelid is touched. It's developed over about 2-3 weeks. She has slowed down quite a bit lately, moving from #1 in pecking order to almost the bottom in a flock of 12. She's eating, drinking, and pooping just fine from what I can tell. Everyone in the flock appears to be very healthy after thorough inspection; no bugs, no worms, no cysts, and just finished up a molt. Penny however, can't seem to get through her molt. New feathers are growing, but are coming in very slowly. I live in a pretty mild climate on the west coast, but lately have been in a cold snap (some of you might laugh at the whopping 30s we've been dipping into). I've searched the Internet high and low, byc included and have found a whirlwind of answers. I'd like to start by saying that other than her molt and eye cyst, she appears physically healthy--no scabs on her comb or anywhere else, no critters, nada. She's still laying eggs about once per week or so, too. I fear she may have a cancerous tumor based on the behavioral change and lack of cyst movability. I should also mention that she's a little over 2 years old. Any ideas?
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Apr 3, 2011
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Have you tried to remove any of the white material in the eye? It looks somewhat like pus or the gunk that can form in an eye with conjunctivitis, usually from an eye infection or respiratory infection. Some people use QTips, cotton, and tweezers to try and remove it, then use saline eye wash or Vetericyn or Terramycin eye ointment in the eye twice a day. If it is a tumor, then I doubt if you can do much, but I would try to probe it in case it is pus.

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