Sudden Pigeon Death

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    Mar 6, 2017
    Hello all. I have (had) 2 pigeons that I had accumulated over the past couple years, I guess you could say I "rescued" them as they are banded flyers. Well long story short they turned out to be 1 boy & 1 girl, the girl had a 2015 band & his is 2016...they fell in love & hatched the 2 eggs she sat upon as her 1st egg came caught her off guard & she dropped it out & it broke. Well SHE had limped a couple times recently , & I checked her legs everything appeared okay to the sight so I thought perhaps her leg was falling asleep on her because she would return to normal. Well last night she stumbled so I reached in to help her & she lay over sort of like a seizure so I picked her up & she flopped her head back & threw up & passed away :-(....WHY?.....I feed them several pigeon/dove food varieties, she wasn't that old....what am I lacking? grrrrrrrrrR....& now he's a single father of 2 but I told him I am here for him[​IMG] far he's doing awesome,maybe he knew of her illness before I did?
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