sudden weight loss, very lethargic, eating little

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    Jun 9, 2012
    Well hello there, so, one of my beloved hens, the one who was the plumpest, has suddenly lost a ton of weight. She is usually pretty shy, doesnt like to be touched, but she isnt even putting up a fight anymore. she went from being huge, to being very boney and weak in a matter of a week. She is molting right now, I checked for mites, and didnt see any ( since they are usually the culprits in my flock) A similar thing happened last year, except she had mites, got wry neck and passed away. I really want to try to catch it earlier this time. Just today I started giving her electrolyes and yogurt to gain weight. One thing I noticed is her crop is a bit extended and pretty red. I would really appreciate the help, if you can.

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