Sudden wry neck in silkie chick

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    May 9, 2011
    Hi guys

    My last remaining silkie chick, Sakura, has wry neck. It seemed to develop suddenly but my husband mentioned something a couple days ago about her turning her head almost on its side to look at him over her brooder...we thought at the time she was just being goofy (she's a pretty goofy chicken) but now I'm thinking it was actually the onset.

    At this point she is mostly curling her head up under her and backing into corners. She can still stand up and hold her head almost straight, neck stretched out, to look at us, but normally her head is down. Last night we gave her a dropper of Poly-Vi-Sol (no iron). She was not vaccinated but she and all our chicks have been on medicated chick feed up to this point. She is about 7 weeks old, and up till this point has been developing beautifully.

    I am not 100% certain this is wry neck because there is one variable: last week we let her frolic around with our "adolescent" girls by way of introducing them to prepare her to move into the coop later on, and everything went fine until she actually walked into the the coop. Then our "alpha hen" gave her a bit of what-for. It is possible Blanche gave her a peck on the head, although I didn't see that specifically. I just mention it because it's a possibility and I've read that for silkies, a solid head-peck can also cause this problem.

    So, I have a couple questions: 1) is there anything I can do for her other than continue the vitamins? I feel awful seeing her all contorted like this and I really don't want to lose her if she can be saved. 2) I am probably going to have to hand feed her because at this point I don't think she can eat at all. We just got new chick feed; the store was out of our usual brand and this one is ground much finer than the previous bag...almost powdery as opposed to being like Grape Nuts. Is there any reason I can't mix this feed with water and maybe some yogurt and dropper feed it, like the baby bird food at pet stores? 3) is there a way to tell whether this is wry neck or the result of head trauma? If so, and it is from a peck on the head, is there something else I should be doing?

    Unfortunately I don't think we can afford a vet visit right husband and I just went through a sudden child custody battle last week in an attempt to get my stepson out of a domestic violence situation in his mother's house. So now we have him full time, which is great, but at the moment no money to go to the vet for a chicken. I can try and get some photos of Sakura later when my husband gets home, if it would be helpful.
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    May 22, 2010
    Search the threads on this forum for the treatment for wry neck - it involves b vitamins, selenium, prednisone and Vitamin E. Your bird may recover on her own in short order with just assist feeding. I use the Kaytee hand feeding formula for caged birds mixed up with some vitamin water and some boiled egg yolk. You could also soften her regular crumbles, add some vitamin E and the poly-visol along with egg yolk to give her an extra boost of nutrition. I've found that the ones that are going to recover do so fairly quickly although I've had some recover after several weeks. It's not really known what causes wry neck, but there have been confirmed cases caused by injury to exposed part of the brain in a vaulted silkie's head. This could be the case with your girl. Good luck.
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    Jun 23, 2011
    I feed mine scrambled eggs. This was recommended by someone else on this forum. I lost my girl, but I think I started treatment to late and she had been picked at.

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