Suddenly blue egg, where there shouldn't be one.


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Nov 5, 2020
We've had our chickens for a little over a year and they have been laying since October. I found a bright blue egg this morning in the nest box. None of our chickens lay blue eggs, our blue layer died in March (R.I.P. Sweetpea) and everyone else lays 1 olive, 2 shades of brown, 1 white and 1 beige. I got lazy this week and haven't collected eggs as often as I should, pregnancy and heat don't mix 😅, so this is the only one that is blue in the large batch I grabbed.

My first thought was "sick chicken" and I'm hoping that's not the case. They're all perky so I'm not sure what happened. Next thought was maybe something they ate did this, but I haven't given them any veggies or fruit that they haven't had before.

Any thoughts?

I laid out a white and olive (lighting looks brown) for comparison.


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That has to be from your olive egger. The way a green egg shell is put together the shell is blue throughout its thickness then the brown is laid on on top of that blue to turn it green. For some reason that egg was laid before the hen had time to put that brown layer on.

If you open that olive egg and remove the membrane on the inside the shell should look a lot like the color of that blue egg.

It should be nothing to worry about. If it is a one time thing, I figure we are all entitled to an occasional oops. I'm certainly not perfect 100% of the time. If it becomes an every time thing then there has been a change to her shell gland. As long as she is acting healthy that would not bother me either.


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That has to be from your olive egger.

We've had our chickens for a little over a year and they have been laying since October.
She might be ramping down production with the shortening days,
that can get you some funky eggs.
She should molt this fall.

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